6 Absolutely Delightful Things To Do in Imphal: All You Need To Know!

6 Absolutely Delightful Things To Do in Imphal

6 Absolutely Delightful Things To Do in Imphal

Imphal is the capital of the state of Manipur. It is a city that has a lot of history and culture. Imphal was once a royal capital, and several places in the city can give you a glimpse of its glorious past. If you are planning to visit Imphal, here are six absolutely delightful things to do in Imphal:

1. An Excursion To The Palace Of Kangla

The Palace of Kangla is perhaps the most famous landmark in Imphal, and you must not miss it while you are here. King Churachand Singh built it in 1744, who chose this place because he used to meditate near this hillock every morning. He had a vision of a deity there and decided to build his palace here. Today, this ancient palace has become one of the premier tourist attractions in the city, and it also houses some beautiful paintings by artists from all over India.

2. Visit Keibul Lamjao National Park for a safari trip

This park is known as the "Land of Blue Mist" due to its abundance of blue water lilies that grow in marshes around its lakes and ponds. It also has many birds, including hornbills, herons, and peafowls. Tourists can go on safari rides through this park to experience its beauty first-hand.

3. Watch a Manipuri Dance recital

The Manipuri dance is one of the most famous dances in India. It originated from Manipur, which is why it is called 'Manipuri dance'. The traditional Manipuri dance is performed during festivals and special occasions. If you want to watch this amazing dance form, then head over to the Imphal International Centre on any Friday or Saturday at 6 pm. You will be mesmerized by the energy and grace of the dancers as they perform their moves with perfection.

4. Celebrate the colourful festivals of Imphal

The people of Manipur are known for their colorful celebrations during festivals. They celebrate almost every festival with great enthusiasm and a joyous spirit. Some of these festivals include Bihu (the harvest festival), Pongal (harvest festival), Thang-Ta (martial arts), Utsav (festival of arts), Kangla Shigru Festival (the annual fair held in April) etc. If you want to witness these colorful celebrations, do not forget to visit this city during these days!

5. Shop local handicrafts by shopping in Imphal

You must visit the Local Handicraft Centre in Imphal. The market has everything from beautiful hand-embroidered bags, textile products and traditional dresses for women, men and children. You can also buy 'khadang', the traditional attire of Manipuris.

6. Relish the Scrumptious Cuisines of Imphal

Manipur is famous for its rich cuisine, and many restaurants serve excellent food here. You can try some of the delicious local cuisines like Mohinga (Noodles), Kwakhai (Pork Curry), Laab (Chicken Salad) etc., which are cooked using local spices and ingredients like ginger garlic and turmeric etc. There are also some Chinese restaurants where you can try out some delicious Chinese dishes like Chowmein or Chop Suey etc., which are very reasonably priced!


Imphal is a city in northeast India. It is located in the Imphal Valley. The city is bounded by hills on all sides and makes for an interesting sight when viewed. Many things make Imphal an attractive place to visit. Imphal has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures ranging from 16 °C to 27 °C during winters and between 24 °C and 36 °C during summers.