Places to visit around Imphal Within 10 km: Know Here!

Places to visit around Imphal Within 10 km

Places to visit around Imphal Within 10 km

Suppose you are visiting Imphal sometime soon or the other. You wonder which places to visit between 10km to 15km radius around the city. We have compiled a simple list of beautiful places around Imphal that you could visit in under an hour's travel time.

Bir Tirkendrajit Park

The Bir Tirkendrajit Park is a beautiful park situated at the heart of Imphal city. The park has a statue of Bir Tirkendrajit, a great freedom fighter of Manipur. The park is also known as the "Dighalipar" since it is surrounded by thick vegetation. It is a peaceful place and ideal for a picnic with your friends and family members. The park also has facilities like toilets and drinking water facilities.

Chingarel Biodiversity Park

Chingarel Biodiversity Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Imphal. The park is located on the outskirts of Imphal city and is home to many species of birds, butterflies and plants. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant time here exploring the park's many attractions, such as Butterfly Garden and Bird Watching Tower.

Chorus Repertory Theater

Chorus Repertory Theater is a live entertainment outlet in Imphal. The theatre provides a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, dance and drama. Some of the popular shows are "The Sound of Music", "Cats", "Little Women", and many more.

Eco Historical Park

The Eco-Historical park is situated at the heart of Imphal city. The park has a vast expanse, and it is a great place to spend time with family and friends. It has several attractions like a Children's park, food court, and other facilities like parking lot, toilets, etc. There are various species of animals that roam freely in this park. You can also see many species of birds here in their natural habitat. The Eco-Historical park organizes various cultural activities for the people of Manipur every year during different festivals like New Year's Day, Christmas etc.

Imphal Science Centre

The centre was established in 1988 to promote science among the people of Manipur. It has a planetarium, an exhibition gallery and an audiovisual hall where students can learn about various scientific concepts. The centre conducts various programmes such as seminars, workshops and other activities related to science education among students from different schools across Manipur State.

Indira Park

This is a beautiful park in Imphal. It is founded near the Polo Ground and the State Museum of Manipur. The park has a garden with many species of trees and flowers. There are also facilities for playing volleyball, badminton, etc. The park also has a small zoo to see animals like deer, rabbits and monkeys. A children's playground, an artificial pond with a fountain, an auditorium, and an open stage are other attractions.

The State Museum of Manipur

The State Museum of Manipur is located near Indira Park, which houses many artefacts from different periods of history. You can see ancient weapons, pottery, coins, and photographs of important events in Manipur's past at this museum. There are also exhibits on different tribes in Manipur, including their traditional dresses and handicrafts such as puppets made out of bamboo sticks called "chapchar".


As you continue to explore the city of Imphal, you will be amazed by the number of things to do and see. You will never get bored with your trip because it is brimming with fun and exciting travel destinations. Imphal is not only a beautiful place for a holiday but also has many things to offer for families, friends, and other groups of people. It is not just the famous tourist spots that make this city shine but also the hidden gems waiting to be discovered.