Imphal Airport Service: Explore Here!

Imphal Airport Service

Imphal Airport Service

Baggage Facilities

 Visitors arriving in Imphal by aircraft have access to the baggage and luggage storage facilities at the airport. People who want help, such as the elderly or those who have never travelled before, may take advantage of the free trolleys and tour guides that are offered at the airport.


In addition to the typical first aid and medical services, the Imphal Airport also has a waiting area that is exclusively for VIP passengers. At the airport, there can be automatic teller machines and wheelchairs for those who are old.

Locations to Purchase and Eat

There is a café, a snack bar, and even a small restaurant for travellers to choose from if they are hungry while waiting for their flights at Imphal Airport. When arriving at or departing from the airport, passengers have access to a diverse selection of food and drink choices to choose from.


 The checkpoints for baggage, security, and document collecting, in addition to the automated teller machines and prayer rooms, are all conveniently located nearby.


  For the safety of customers' personal things, public toilets and locker rooms are conveniently located and easy to use. You won't even have time to register your arrival at the airport before you see all of these items displayed there.